Rahim Fazal

Tech entrepreneur

I’m a doer, a dreamer and an ardent follower of Emerson’s dictum to “always go where there is no path and blaze a trail.” I’ve founded several technology companies, including Involver which was sold to Oracle. While building these companies, I’ve been named one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Inc. Magazine, admitted into Canada’s top MBA program as the youngest student without an undergraduate degree, and honored with an Empact Award at the White House from Startup America and the Kauffman Foundation.

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High potential. "Lyft and Uber combined are about 0.4 per cent of miles travelled in the US,”

25 days ago

RT @Chegg: Want a job making $75K @ an awesome startup? Apply to SVAcademy Business Development summer skills program for free…

26 days ago

"Someone turns 65 in America every eight seconds..." Who will find the first silver@unicorn? @roybahat

36 days ago

When art critics get togthr they talk abt Form,Structure,Meaning. When artists get togthr they talk abt where 2 buy cheap turpentine-Picasso

63 days ago

You never forget that first industry presentation… :). Still remember IAB in 2008. Everything is new again at…

78 days ago

Fun 2 days meeting bright minds in EdTech. Getting ready to speak at #ASUGSV17 in SLC before heading home!

78 days ago

Shifting values. In the armies of Ancient Rome the very richest were responsible for being in the front line; today, it’s the very poorest.

89 days ago

Big move for #500startups. Proud of the godfathers @ArjunDArora @davemcclure for bringing tech opps to the world. N…

191 days ago

@anildash @pt even worse: “There’s an epidemic of part-time workers”

218 days ago

"In the year thru 9/2015, ~114k Americans age 50+ had their SS benefits reduced to offset defaulted student loans”

219 days ago

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