Rahim Fazal

Tech entrepreneur and public speaker

Rahim is a technology entrepreneur, a doer and a dreamer, and an ardent follower of Emerson’s dictum to “always go where there is no path and blaze a trail”. He’s been named one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Inc Magazine, one of the Top 40 Under 40 by SF Business Times, and one of the Top 25 Digital Thought Leaders by iMedia. He was the youngest student ever accepted into his MBA program without an undergraduate degree, and was invited to The White House to receive an Empact Award from Startup America and the Kauffman Foundation.

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RT @worklife: We're so excited to have been featured on @InVisionApp's blog! Check out our 5 steps to more effective meetings:…

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Backlash against the sharing economy is a sign it’s maturing

7 hours ago

The Sharing Economy Enters the Business of Business Travel

9 hours ago

.@kaykas "Professor Foster estimates that by 2020, > 3/4 of S&P 500 will be companies that we have not heard of yet.”

10 hours ago

Hard to believe that Uber was founded just 5 years ago and is worth more than $40B today.

12 hours ago

Lyft launches a loyalty program for drivers. How might game mechanics boost supply side?

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Making it used to mean buying a house and a car. Not anymore:


The wealth disparity between rich and poor in SF in 2012 was more pronounced than in Mumbai.


Here's how the Technology of the Collaborative Economy all works together by @jowyang w/ help from @ChrisSaad and me:


There exists an “Uber for city permits.”

4 days ago

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