Rahim Fazal

Tech entrepreneur

I’m a doer, a dreamer and an ardent follower of Emerson’s dictum to “always go where there is no path and blaze a trail.” I’ve founded several technology companies, including Involver which was sold to Oracle. While building these companies, I’ve been named one of the Top 30 Entrepreneurs Under 30 by Inc. Magazine, admitted into Canada’s top MBA program as the youngest student without an undergraduate degree, and honored with an Empact Award at the White House from Startup America and the Kauffman Foundation.

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Fine looking gents. Can’t wait to read the final copy of #Blitzscaling!

4 days ago

RT @jamescham: My guess is that the future of knowledge work is going to look like firefighters. Not in the sense that we’ll have cool truc…

8 days ago

…and SVAcademy fellows cc @SVAhq

9 days ago

Focus on jobs where humans > AI. High cog and non-routine tasks. “...essential human interaction skills including t…

13 days ago

Those who are serious about starting their career tend to be the types of people who get paid more. Makes sense. "3…

20 days ago

85% of college students spend an avg of 4.2 hrs a day working part-time jobs. I wish this was largely by choice. “…

22 days ago

“Talent deserves opportunity” @davidleebron, president @RiceUniversity. Introducing full scholarships to undergrads…

27 days ago

RT @AndyCabistan: @mastersofscale @rahimthedream Your vision and leadership have changed my life. Thank you!

31 days ago

U.S. incomes rose but inequality widened in 2017: data

31 days ago

This VC Firm Is Gifting Founders 1% Of Every Invested Dollar To Spend On Coaching And Mental Health

32 days ago

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